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Courage: Journey of the Soul

Courage: Journey of the Soul

  Courage: Journey of the Soul was inspired by the memory of my parents Harry F. Fabian (1917-1994) and Evelyn C. Fabian (1926-2001). After several hours spent in meditation, each piece came to me as a gentle whisper that commanded my attention. I recorded all pieces "in the moment" without aid of a written score. I felt the comforting presence of my mother and the strength of my father on the day this music was performed.   My father retained his incredible sense of humor up until the end of his life. Remembering how he expressed his brilliance even while aware of his dying from heart disease and feeling his continued guidance after his passing, I was inspired to compose Winter, First Steps and Guidance. He was always my biggest fan who fought for and believed in me even when I fell far short of the vision he held for me.   The inspiration behind Evelyn's Song was the life my mother led. Her respect and love of life never faltered. She was a world traveler who bravely faced cancer by living each day to the fullest. In 1945, she graduated from a Louisiana university at the age of 19! She was the first female to hold a degree in physical education from my home state. Her generosity and fierce independence was awe inspiring. She was an "out of the box" thinker who always encouraged me to do my best. She did not believe in the limitations of advanced age or being a woman and earned a Master of Science degree when others her age were retiring. Courage and The Storm are dedicated to her.   Night Comes, My Noli is dedicated to my partner in life who experienced along with me the dark night of my soul after the loss of my parents and who continues to support all of my endeavors today. This CD is dedicated to all souls seeking the courage to continue living their lives with purpose after experiencing significant loss. It is my greatest hope that it will serve as a tool in creating a calm and soothing atmosphere conducive to relaxation and meditation.  

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Lisa's positive and relaxed attitude plus her knowledge and attention to detail has gotten me back to being able to play the piano after a 50 year hiatus :)

- Richards

... Lisa's teaching style put me at ease and has made learning very enjoyable!  I highly recommend Lisa to anyone interested in the piano!

- Cheryl S.


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