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Congratulations! By considering music education for your child at an early age, you have taken a first step toward bonding musically with your child and enriching your family life with active music-making.


Children are naturally drawn to music, which will make your time with them in Musikgarten both fun and beneficial.


Why Musikgarten


The Plan

Only Musikgarten offers a comprehensive, sequential plan for the musical development of your child from birth through beginning piano. Each of our six courses stands on its own and fits the developmental needs of the child. Class time is educational, fun and purposeful.


The Teachers

Your Musikgarten teacher is a highly trained professional with classroom and field experience in early childhood music education and child development.


The Curriculum

Musikgarten's programs are based on meeting the developmental needs of children as they grow. Favorite songs, stories, and dances are revisited throughout – building on what each child has mastered and enjoyed – making successful learning easier.


Family Involvement

You will receive CDs, family activity guides and instruments to continue the bonding and fun of music with your child at home.



Family Music for Babies: New born - 18 Months


Designed for parents and their babies to take together. This 30-minute weekly class helps you learn how to play musically with your baby.


Musical play activities:

– Increase your child's curiosity

about music.

– Develop listening skills and

sense of beat.

– Establish a foundation for

singing and musical thought.

– Help you form a closer bond

with your child.


– Bouncing and rocking songs.

– Wiggle and peek-a-boo games.

– Superb CD recordings by a fine children's choir and outstanding instrumentalists, together with a book describing the activities and games to play with baby.

– A lovely cloth instrument pouch with rhythm sticks, Musikgarten rattle and colorful scarf.



Family Music for Toddlers: 15 Months - 3.5 Years

Participate with your toddler for 30 minutes each week in singing, chanting, moving, dancing, listening and playing simple instruments.


Musical play activities:

– Help develop a strong musical bond with your child and closer family ties.

– Bridge the natural connection

between music and movement.

– Enhance your child’s musical

aptitude and listening abilities.

– Lay the foundation for singing

and vocal development,

listening skills, and

purposeful movement.


– Movement activities for coordination, body awareness, exploration of space, body control and the pure joys of movement.

– Folk songs for singing, dancing and listening.

– Focused listening examples from both daily life and music instruments.

– Instruments to explore: rhythm sticks, jingles, rattles, drums, and resonator bars.

– 4 wonderful semesters, each with a 60-minute CD, a parent activity book and an instrument or scarf to use at home.



Cycle of Season: Ages 3 - 5

Celebrate your child’s love of nature and growing independence through activities involving the four seasons (45 minute class).



Musical play activities:

– Nurture 3 year olds’ ability to

use language and participate in

dramatic play within a musical


– Develop listening, focused

attention, imagination,

creativity, and self-expression.


– Singing, chanting, moving, focused

listening, musical games.

– Exploring musical instruments,

creative movement and storytelling.

– Family packets for each season of the year. Packets include outstanding CDs, full color illustrated cards for listening activities, and a parent activity book, all in a cloth Musikgarten pouch.


Music’s melodic and rhythmic patterns awaken and stimulate neural pathways in the brain that help develop memory, math skills, and powers of abstract and creative thinking.


Music touches all spheres of development:

– Language

– Self Expression

- Concentration

- Social Interaction

- Fine Motor Skills

- Listening

- Problem Solving

- Teamwork

- Goal Setting

- Coordination


– Confidence

– Self Esteem

– Music Playing

- Creativity

- Family Involvment

- Poise

- Bonding

- Voice Expression

- Family Interaction

- Emotional Development


Overall, music activities are ideal for your growing child.

– Music immerses the child in language.

– Evokes movement.

– Stimulates the brain.

– Fosters physical coordination.

– Develops listening skills, the foremost necessity for learning.


All in a group setting that builds community

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Teaching Music, Understanding Children



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